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Extreme Precision Screw Products
1838 Remell St., Flint, MI 48503
Ph: 810-744-1980
Fax: 810-744-1821

Borneman & Peterson, Inc.

Extreme Precision Screw Products Inc, has been producing high quality parts and sub-assemblies for over 60 years. We have serviced the aerospace industry for both civilian and military applications.

From prototype to production, Extreme Precision Screw Products Inc. has been involved with the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-117, B-2b, F-22, J.S.F and numerous piston / turbo prop engine aircraft. We are now working on a 4.5-inch jet engine to be used on LOCAAS (Low Cost Autonomous Attack System) for Lockheed Martin.

Extreme Precision Screw Products has produced components for the Voyager, Mariner and Galileo space programs.

Aside from aerospace, we produce components for air valve manufacturers, precision tool and gage manufacturing and custom automobile parts.

In the medical field we make parts for skull surgery and cornea transplants.

Our dedicated work force utilizes the latest machine tools with all the necessary support tooling and inspection equipment to produce parts of the highest quality.

We are in the process of becoming AS-9100 registered and have achieved self-release with several major aerospace corporations.

Family owned and operated since 1943 with four generations of experience to draw from, Extreme Precision Screw Products can supply you with your machining needs whatever they may be. Please give us a chance to solve your needs.

Extreme Precision Screw Products Inc. • 1838 Remell St., • Flint, MI 48503
Ph: 810-744-1980    Fax: 810-744-1821    Email:

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